Raven’s Gift

I have ridden with You into Battle
I have stood at Your side in Your Hall
I have sat next to You scared and broken
You have held me up
and set me free
You have given me the Gift of My Self
and shown me the Way of the Warrior
The Wisdom of the Mage
The Value of the Mysteries
and blessings of Wulf and Hrafn
The peace of the Air
The solitude of the Cold Dark
The Whisperings at the well
The space between all things and all places
light in the darkness, darkness in the light
You have given to me and taken from me
I am the cycle
as I create so also do I destroy
I walk the Ways between
Aide those in Need
give comfort to the grieving spirit of one just passed
I am Oðins dottir and Helas Priestess
I am the the Raven, I am the Gift ….

[Michelle Gase (though there are a few others she’s been known by – Mykki, Misha, Penny, et cetera) is the mother to three daughters, was born and raised  in Dayton, Ohio, and currently lives Central Kentucky with her husband and children.  She has walked her walk for twentyish years with Oðin on one side and Hela on the other.  This is the first she has written in more than fifteen years. She thank Oðin for sharing Kvasir’s Blood, Hela for opening her eyes wide enough to see, and you for taking the time to read this. She’s also a chainmaille jewelry designer and she shares an Etsy store with her Spirit Sister, Jai. She is also a disabled (PTSD, Bipolar et cetera) stay-at-home mom and is one who walks between the worlds on a daily basis, ever seeking for the deeper mysteries.]

1 thought on “Raven’s Gift”

  1. Teresita Garcia aka Theresa Newbill said:

    Unique in voice, beautifully devotional. I loved this write.

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