Winter Solstice 2020

~ Poetry ~

Athena, Flying Her Owl by Adele Gardner 

The Ballad of the Snail God by Roy Duffield 

Burning Woman by Susan Maxwell Campbell 

Cave Painting by Bran Keane 

Devon, Sacred Dryad: Of Her Life and Transformation by J. Summer Jones 

Druidess of Danu by C.D. Greiner 

Lamentation by K. Roberts 

Lord Yama Working Overtime by Sivakami Velliangiri 

Lo Stregozzo (The Witch’s Rout) by Kyla Lee Ward 

Meleager Redux, or Even Your Mother Has Her Limits by Diane Kendig 

Nike of Samothrace by Greer Woodward 

Orpheus Howling of Shai Afsai 

Persephone by Lorraine Schein 

The Pumpkin Sprite by Scott J. Couturier 

Ritual by Shannon Cuthbert 

Starry Night by Marjorie Jensen 

Strange Visit by Bran Keane

The Witching Hour by Jean Wollam 

~ Essay ~

A Lore-Based Model of Godspousery by Erin Lale 

~ Fiction ~

Hosting Kullervo’s Curse by Daniel Stride 

Red Seeds That Destroy a Mother by Gerri Leen 

To Capture Their Visage by Sergej Pavlovic 

The Turtle on the Lilypad by Sonia Focke 

~ Reviews ~

Manners and Monsters by Tilly Wallace [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

The Rostikov Legacy by Charlotte E. English [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]