Winter Solstice 2009


Firstly, A Pagan Bible by Penelope Friday

Secondly, Attar of Dark by Galina Krasskova

Then Divinely Feminine? by Snoozepossum

And then Herne by Jennifer Lawrence

Followed by I’d Fine You Again by Tahni Nikitins

Then in silence by Ranka Ulfsvin

Seventh, Mississippi Apollo by Kayleigh Ann Bohémier

Eighth, Mortality by Laria

Ninth, Quantity by Tess Dawson

Then, Season’s Greetings by Len Rosenberg

Followed by Song to Hermes by Len Rosenberg

And lastly Triune Puja by Galina Krasskova



Firstly, The Conception of Ares by Laria

Secondly, Hounds by Diotima

Lastly, The Washer at the Laundromat by Marilyn Shand



First, Multi-Media Magic by Taylor Ellwood [reviewed by Philip A Bernhardt-House]

Followed by Olympus by Nathan Edmondson and Christian Ward [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

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