Sonnet to Apollo

With his chariot the sun does arise,
He draws the day up with his fiery horse
And he is the one that prompts the cock’s cries,
Dragging the sun by sheer masculine force.
God of the sun and the twin of the night,
His fiery charge we will not dismiss.
Defeating the darkness in noble fight,
Leaving the sunset as a goodnight kiss.
Demeter and Apollo work as one,
He gives plants light as she grows them strong.
To nurture nature with love and sun,
And string his star across the sky with song.
The sun will shine when he starts it to glow,
And so is the mighty god Apollo.

[RG Summers has published poetry with The Haiku Journal and Angie’s Diary. Summers lives in Seattle, more or less, and has great hopes for the future, including being able to pay the rent by writing, and someday even owning a crock-pot. Summers is the author of the science-fiction novel, Conscious.]

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