Fishing For Knowledge

I carved a set of runes,
Upon a maple wand.
Attaching a red berry; I
Walked out into the beyond.

Underneath an old ash,
Graybeard quietly sat still.
His brimmed hat glistened,
He tipped it with skill.

I sought a seat near him,
He smiled at the runes.
I thanked him for his sacrifice,
For hanging upon harpoons.

He then carved Algiz,
Upon my maple wand.
His written word shimmered,
Now I roam, knowing our bond.

[R. M. Raines is a Canadian poetess and a storyteller, pulling tales forged from past experiences and sagas of ole’. A graduate of graphic design, she is often found sharing her creations on Instagram, TikTok and within close family and friend circles. Her first self-published poetry book, From Temple Steps to Forest Edges, offered her a chance to expand her tales to the rest of the world; as she continues to do to this day. You can follow her work on Instagram and TikTok @rmraines.]

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