Ix Chel and the Rabbit

Soft is your long hair, Ix Chel,
And soft the light of the moon
A reflection, yes, but not a genuflection.
Ix Chel, send the rabbits of rain
To bring huitlacoche to the grain
To bring easy birth to the mothers
Of La Isla Mujeres.
Ix Chel, such sacred space, of
Earth and moon, woman and goddess,
So far from the fiery sun
And his fiery sun god temper,
His arrows of anger dread lightning.
How many dragonflies
Did it take to bring you back to life?
Bring you back to life they did,
And then as mother jaguar
You sprang away
From the cancerous anger
Of his solar rage,
Leaving for your realm
Of downy darkness,
Soft warren lined with
Long lacy locks from your brush
And fluffy tufts combed
From the rabbit of the moon
Waiting, creating for each of us
The safety of your silken womb.

[Denise Dumars is a widely published author of poetry, short fiction, and metaphysical nonfiction. She has traveled widely in Mexico and recommends visiting Mercado Sonora in Mexico City, which is probably the largest magickal marketplace in North America. She is a Heirophant in the Fellowship of Isis and helms the Lyceum of Auset Hauhet in Redondo Beach, CA.]