Zephyr, Lord of Air (a poetic fragment)

Zephyr, uplifted, ‘ere now on flaming wings,
Soared skyward, as light wove through trees,
Dappled green. He flew above the boughs.
Then paused, for, below him on the sward
He saw a tree spirit, dancing free
Mid laughing leaves, freckled by the shade,
Graceful, keen.
Shefron was her name.

Then downward, like a bolt of light, swift Zephyr  glides.
Downward, his pinions streamlined, back in the dive,
As of a seabird on sight of prey, then
He alights with pointed toe,
Upon the grass below. Shefron,
Her fair head raised, watched
In innocent wonder
The God’s display.

“Fair dryad, leaflet,” the wind sprite spake:
“Breath of forest air and scents aromatic;
“Embowered in the natural beauty of thy home,
“I greet thee.” Thereupon he bowed,
While feathered wingtips brushed the ground.
Shefron, her eyes aglow, answered softly:
“Welcome to my humble woods, grand spirit,
“Zephyr, Lord of Air.”

[Nadia Davidson writes: With a degree in fine art I usually spend my spare time painting. I paint landscapes in encaustic wax which I sell locally, but also enjoy painting in acrylic. Inspired by the liminal mystery of the Scottish landscape where I live, and the Otherworld of Celtic mythology, I began to use poetry in some of my pictures. Just a few lines; fragments or glimpses of that unseen world. And that is what “Zephyr, Lord of Air” is. It was originally inspired by reading Keats, particularly his unfinished “Fall of Hyperion” and wasn’t written as a part of any painting project, but as an appreciation of Keats and for my own enjoyment. I have always considered poetry as an extension of my art; in fact as art in itself, and have hung poetry alongside paintings, particularly in my degree show, where I wrote out large blackboards full of poetry. These were greatly appreciated so I wondered if I could also sell poetry. It appears I can. This is my first published poem, and hopefully not the last.]