Artemis with Bone

I think of frames

and depth

arched wings


the smooth cups and


Arrow-Straight Spine

–Oh spines!

Nobbly jigsaw rods

that strut and cajole

my hips into sway,

Jive-like.  John Travolta-like.

Bone is slate

while porous

trampoline bouncy

yet chisel makes splintery

The mystery of this


the life-launching of


My bedrock bones

My own

My Home.

[Shae Savoy is an MFA candidate at Goddard College, where she’s getting down and dirty with poetry. She teaches at Bent Writing Institute, the only LGBTQ writing school in the world.  Her work appears frequently in We’Moon, including the anthology In the Spirit of We’Moon: Celebrating 30 Years and in the forthcoming anthology Once Upon a Time from Requiem Press. She blogs at]

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