Drift of the Nymphs

Landscapes burst in wild conversation,
Red poppies sway with intoxication,
Rivers explode from the underground,
Their heads swerving with horns.
Fountains of fish soar upward surveying the air,
A cleft opens revealing walls of the bound,
Sober-suited men hang on in the cyclone
Unleashed by sequined cycling vestals and the
Buzz of nymphs swarming for honey,
Smeared on rocks and lintels,
As a snake scaled with shadow and
Painted with an androgyne’s face slips quietly by,
Seen by few but presaging the foundation of
A new city, seething with books and wine.

[Michael Routery is a writer and poet living in Northern California. His work can be found in a wide variety of publications, including Beatitude: 50Datura, and the Bibliotheca Alexandrina devotional anthologies, Written In WineBearing TorchesUnbound, and Out of Arcadia. ]

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