Winter Solstice 2011

Featured Artist: Sara Richard



Cows Out by Walt Garner

Hippolytus by Michael Routery

It’s Just Your Luck by Laura LeHew

Jormungand by WC Roberts

Loki and the Fisherman by Steven Klepetar

Merope and Orion by AC Hardy

Orpheus, Turning by Alexandra Seidel

Penglai Shan by WC Roberts

Piper Pan by Clinton Inman

snaky spirals by Joyce Frohn

Solstice by Eileen Dawson Peterson

Sun-God’s Crown by Jennifer Lawrence

The Words of Seshat by Alexandra Seidel



Daphne’s Errand by Maggie Koger

Labyrinth for Lovers by Laura Woollett

Maiden in Love in the Underworld by JD Revezzo

Owain’s Wife by Sara Cleto



The Beautiful One: A Brief Meditation on Aphrodite by Rebecca Buchanan

Dionysus in The Bacchae by Amanda Sioux Blake



Anne Welch, author of Cavern’s Wise Woman



A Book of Tongues: The Hexslinger Series Volume One by Gemma Files [reviewed by Margaret O’Connell]

Candlemas: Feast of Flames by Amber K and Azrael Arynn K [reviewed by VE Duncan]

Earth Medicine and Healing Stones:Practices for Health, Wealth and Longevity by Carrollanne Crichton [reviewed by Belle DiMonte]

Stolen Hearts: The Love of Eros and Psyche by Ryan Foley and Snakha Banerjee [reviewed by Phillip A Bernhardt-House]

Treasury of Greek Mythology: Classic Stories of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Monsters by Donna Jo Napoli and Christina Balit [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

witches&pagans #23 by Various [reviewed by Melia Suez]

Wrath of the Titans by Darren G Davis and Nadir Balan [reviewed by Phillip A Bernhardt-House]

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