Kyrielle to Persephone

Sure and stately steps do carry
Persephone, who is not wary.
In the springtime’s warming air
The girl walks forth from Hades’ lair.
Down she lays her signs of rule;
The look on her pale face is cool.
Demeter stands waiting there
As the girl walks from Hades’ lair.
In darkness, Kore’s skills were honed
Demeter sees how she has grown;
Her baby never had the flair
Of the girl who walks from Hades’ lair.
Sure and stately steps do carry
The girl who steps free of Hades’ lair.

[Allyson Szabo is a 39 year old Hellenic Polytheist who lives in a rambling old farmhouse in rural New England. She is a proud member of Neokoroi and Neos Alexandria, and has several pieces of poetry, short stories, and non-fiction published in devotional anthologies and local newspapers. She is the author of Longing for Wisdom: The Message of the Maxims (Bibliotheca Alexandrina), and writes frequently in her blog.]

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