Beltane Fires

Beltane fires lick my shanks
burnish amber up my arms
taste the heat that sings the song of summer’s breath
In the greenwood this Beltane night
hares joyfully kick their legs
and harts blink in knowledge bright

Beltane fires touch the sky
under the silver moon’s rise
full with fecund happenings, fertile summer’s wish
In the greenwood this Beltane night
laugh and linger in full moon’s age
roll in dewy splendor at season’s height

Beltane fires bring the heat
embrace all in night and day
sown dreams send out shoots, golden summer’s pelt
In the greenwood this Beltane night
all the children flesh and furred
kick up our legs and leap into the light

[Colleen Anderson has published over two hundred pieces of poetry and fiction in such publications as Crucible (2nd place winner), Witches & PagansThey Have to Take You InPolu Texni, and Cicada. She is an Aurora Award finalist in poetry and a Rannu competition place winner. She has new poetry coming out in OnSpec and Burning Maiden.]