Wheel of the Year

The joyful colours of summer
Blossom on every bush, in each flower
Which basks under the warm yellow sun.

In brown and amber autumn,
Dry leaves crunch and crackle underfoot.
We thank You for our harvest.

Monochrome winter bares the branches of the trees
Which stand, patient, through the dark days
Knowing the Wheel will turn once more.

Leafy green Spring ; the mewling sounds
Of new life brought into this world –
Ever changing, ever growing, ever renewing.

The joyful colours of summer
Blaze from every busy, in each flower
Which turns its head to the sun.

[Penelope Friday has been a practising pagan for a number of years and has been running an online coven for five years. When not witchifying, she writes erotic fiction and articles on disability (amongst other things), details of which can be found at her website.]

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