A spider-goddess sits on her web made of silver gossamer threads,
Straddling the ice realms of Ymir , black flame pits of Cthugha.
As the sun sets behind the southern Appalachian mountains,
Spearfinger, the stone witch devours the livers of seraphim.

The Graeae, diabolist sisters three give birth to a fourth diabolist sister,
Using the All-Seeing Eye and thaumaturgical psychodrama .
Out of the black cauldron made of a fallen carbonaceous asteroid,
Erect a young girl beautiful in shape and form without ocular orbs.

Bloody beaked ravens perch on the branches of a long dead Ash tree,
Red Man, the lightning god wrestles the horned serpent, Uktena .
Grandfather moon walks the night sky singing for Grandmother sun,
Crom Cruach plucks out his left eye, creating Gáe Bulga, spear of paroxysm .

Camazotz, death bat, lord of the underworld salivates for hero’s blood,
Soaring through midgard ripping asunder, satiating his bloodlust.
Morrigu, war goddess gives birth to her daughter, the spirit of death, Hel,
Putrid flesh, decomposition, new born wailing deforms space-time.

Gravitational singularity devours luminous spheres of plasma,
As the sun rises behind the southern Appalachian mountains.
Straddling the ice realms of Ymir , black flame pits of Cthugha,
A spider-goddess sits on her web made of silver gossamer threads.


[Author’s Note: There are a few deities and dark creatures I have added from different cultures; Ymir and Cthugha are gods from R.E.Howard’s Hyborian age. Spearfinger is a flesh eating witch, Uktena is a primitive dragon, and Red Man is a god from Cherokee mythology. Camazotz  is from Maya lore, and Graeae ( grey witches), Crom Cruach, Morrigu, and Hel are of Greek, Viking and Irish mythologies. ] 

[W.C. Morrow lives in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina. He joined the army in August of 2007. He deployed twice to Afghanistan in 2009, with 3/82 AVN REGT, 82ND CAB, Ft. Bragg for six months and Kuwait/Iraq with 416TH TC, 260TH QM BN( Deactivated), Hunter Army AirField in 2010, for one year. He got out of the army in October 2013 and is now attending massage therapy school, looking forward to starting a new chapter in his life. His poetry pours from his dreams and beats from his heathen heart like a drum. Poetry is the form in which he writes with great satisfaction and expresses his most inner creativity, but as a form of expression it isn’t popular with readers.]

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