Mother’s Child

Guarded by the golden moon,
That leads you to the silent pools,
You travel deep where nature rules,
Fair Artemis, your soul in tune.

As starlight shines through breaking tree,
Your magic cries in solace sweet,
Where potent stone and water meet,
The tiers unfold, the first of three.

Naked you feel the mountain’s breath,
A wind that cradles you in peace,
And beckons for your soul’s release,
Beneath the placid, moonlit depths.

The water hails your mystic gaze,
With cool repose and soft embrace,
Your mind at rest in quiet grace,
The source you seek, your heart ablaze.

The wood’s spring waits in argent glow,
You spread your loins for earth and stone,
And power sears through flesh and bone,
Now filled with strength the earth bestows.

With pulsing tongue and steady stream,
The mountain’s blood runs strong and deep,
In passion silver tears you weep,
Your voice like crystals-cadence dream.

So as you part with mother’s boon,
The forest, stone, and pool mourn,
And on that night a love was born,
For goddess and her golden moon.

[Nick Carter, poet and fisherman, lives in Tucson, Arizona.]