Season’s Greetings

[Note: this poem was originally written by Mr Rosenberg for the holiday cards he mailed to friends and family. He kindly granted EHS permission to run it on the homepage of our Winter Solstice 2009 issue.]

Behold! Clad in Space,
And ornamented in signs of death,
Darkness Herself has taken on the form of Mother.
‘Changed battlecries for lullabies
And given to us the Child of Promise.
Sing “Jai Kali Ma!”
Hail the Dark Mother,
And blessed be all, this Midwinter’s night.


[Black Lotus (Len Rosenberg) teaches workshops on Shakta (Goddess worshipping) Hinduism; also mantra meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, astrology (both Western and Vedic), and magical uses of gemstones.  He founded Mnemosynides Coven in 1988, after attaining 3rd degree from Judy Harrow.  He is partnered with Celtic reconstructionist Alexei Kondratiev.]

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