Summer Solstice 2010


Firstly, Aphrodite Melainis by Laria

Secondly, Goddess by Penelope Friday

Thirdly, The Interstitial Fairy Demolition Crew Casts a Circle by CS MacCath

Fourthly, Iron-Maker by Kaye Boesme

Then, Ogham Grove by Michaela Macha

Followed by Shapeshifter by Laria

And finally To Hygeia by Kayleigh Anne Bohémier



Firstly, Before the Gate by Iamba

Then, In The Beginning by Michaela Macha

Thirdly, Mother of Plagues by Tahni J Nikitins

And lastly, Wiła by Shirl Sazynski



Firstly, Day Star and Whirling Wheel: A Devotional to Sunna Goddess of the Sun and Mani God of the Moon, edited by Galina Krasskova [reviewed by Phillip A Bernhardt-House]

Secondly, Flesh and Fire: Book One of the Vineart War by Laura Anne Gilman [reviewed by Sannion]

Thirdly, Freya’s Gift by Corrina Lawson [reviewed by Scott Mohnkern]

Then, Runes: Theory and Practice by Galina Krasskova [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

Followed by The Huntress Within: Finding Skadhi, compiled by Isa Frostdottir [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]

And lastly, Wiccan Book of Angels: The Ancient Religion of White Witchcraft by Lady Jae Broomhall [reviewed by Allyson Szabo]



Firstly, Scott Mohnkern, author of A Year of Viking Rituals and Hanging From the Tree: Living With the Runes

Secondly, Svartesól, founder of Gullinbursti Press, and editor (and primary author) of Visions of Vanaheim

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