Ram-Headed Serpent

Cernunnos isn’t separate from me,
Landvættir with deep ancestral connection.
Sex and violence bind Cernunnos to my soul,
Celebration of everything mannish and masculine.

Self-preservation, semi-automatic rifles, my jeep,
Bedding down an androphile, salacious craving.
Drinking beer, raising hell with old comrades,
Cernunnos inspires praise for barbaric reflection.

Physical fitness, strength through indulgence,
Sweat and blood spilled for my country.
Never leaving a heathen behind enemy lines,
Stories told of heightened senses and misadventures.

Cernunnos and I are mentally inseparable,
A tool for success, growth for future evolution.
Individualistic and collective experiences,
The flesh and the ego; an andric narrative.


[W.C. Morrow lives in a small town in the foothills of North Carolina. He joined the army in August of 2007. He deployed twice to Afghanistan in 2009, with 3/82 AVN REGT, 82ND CAB, Ft. Bragg for six months and Kuwait/Iraq with 416TH TC, 260TH QM BN( Deactivated), Hunter Army AirField in 2010, for one year. His poetry pours from his dreams and beats from his heathen heart like a drum. Poetry is the method in which he writes with great satisfaction and expresses his most inner creativity, but as a form of expression it isn’t popular with readers.]


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