Offering for Oizys

Tonight, I offer you these gifts:
of sweets and wine and incense.
oh painful one,
daughter of dark Nyx,
bringer of misery,
sister of Hypnos and Thanatos,
bringer of fear,
sister of doom-carrying Moros
bringer of despair:
Take these offerings and lift your curse so I may find back into the light.
Take these offerings so I may pass through this dark night of the soul you placed in my path.
Take these offerings and leave so I may learn the gifts you gave me.
Your obstacles made me stronger,
Your pain brought me empathy,
And your misery taught me gratefulness.
I implore you, dark one,
take these offerings and be gone!

[Bettina Theissen is a practising Wiccan, avid reader and occassional poet and writer who  lives with her two kids and her husband in Germany. She is the author of A Sacred World: Divine Encounters and has contributed to Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology to Hekate published by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina.]