Poem XV: Diana

Diana the Huntress is slowly
gazing down upon
her charges:
her wilderness blossoms
with each stroke of her fingers
her white skirts of
quiet conviction
unfolding and soaring
cascade out behind her
over the stage of the night.

Diana, my sister, my leader, my muse:
let me run with you as a

Teach me to hunt, to soar, to ride, to love, to give:
teach me your graces
and I will honor you.

We dance, we sing, we sing of you;
we dance clothed in your silk
and call your name.
Your face: a white stone shield
remains unwavering, unmoved:
Your love surges on nightbeams into us
and gives us strength.

I feel you come near me
your breath on my cheek
your voice in my ears
your warm arms cupping
your earth —
You slip away,
gracefully pining
sliding back into your world
before we can have too much of you.
Stay with us,
or let us follow.
Let us dance across you!
Let us walk the path you walk,

Maiden of the Sky,
let me come with you.

[Written by Belle DiMonté.]

2 thoughts on “Poem XV: Diana”

  1. tim fields said:

    Wow. This is incredible.

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