Cerridwen Invocation

Of darkest Moon
Of darkest nights
Thou art wisdom
By fire light
In misty woodland
On mountain peak
In deepest cavern
Knowledge to seek
In Womb
In Tomb
In afterlife
In Love
In Loss
In joy and strife
Of manifestation
Of transformation
Old Crone midwife
Grandmother weaver
Storyteller and seeker
Wisdom teacher
Secret keeper
Bearer of the boiling cauldron
I call thee in, Cerridwen

[Romany Rivers is a British born witch and Reiki Master currently living in Nova Scotia, Canada. Resident poet with Moon Books, author of Poison Pen Letters to Myself and the upcoming book The Woven Word, she has also contributed to several collaborative pagan books. A columnist and contributor to the new magazines Wildstar Forest and Moon Tribe, she co-founded the Moon River Wicca teaching tradition in the south of England, and is currently pursuing seminary training with The Temple of Witchcraft.]

1 thought on “Cerridwen Invocation”

  1. Pandora Storm said:

    So beautiful, this truly touched my soul, absolutely beautiful.

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