Sometimes with a well-lit moon
I drive across the quiet downs
To this tranquil place with a
Slow double bend.

It’s easy to linger here
With the main beam catching glimpses.
It is so easy to linger
With night descending
And a slow haunting
Communion throwing the dreams of millennia
Over crystalline shoulders.

The horned god Cernunnos
And all the forgotten pantheon
Slide resolutely between the silhouettes
Of the great stones
Who echo to many memories.
Sing! I implore you sing.
Wind up the mystery
With a few gentle notes of night
And thoughts of the past,
Of times forgotten and sung of now
In dreams of the tranquil drive across the downs
To this quiet place.

[Clint Wastling is a writer based in the East Riding of Yorkshire. He’s had poetry published in Dreamcatcher and Gold  and short stories published in The Weekly News. His first novel, The Geology of Desire, was published recently by Stairwell Books. It’s a crime novel set in and around Whitby and Hull in the early 1980’s and WWII. Copies available:http://www.stairwellbooks.co.uk/html/novels.html]