I sing now my song in honor of blessed Khepera:
The Netjer Who appears in scarab form,
The Becoming One,
He Who pushes the solar orb.
Lord of cycles is Khepera,
The cycles of the sun, first
But also the cycle of the earth’s turning
The cycles of the Kosmos,
And the cycles of life.
Khepera works unceasingly
Ensuring continued creation.
It is Khepera Who guarantees
The daily resurrection of the sun
And the turning of time.
Such a tiny creature
A small God
A subtle God
Who nonetheless affects the transits of stars
The movements of planets
And the most important star for us –
The fiery orb of Ra
Which thanks to tiny Khepera
Climbs the sky everyday.

[Amanda Sioux Blake has been a Hellenic Pagan and devotee of Athena for ten years. She currently resides in South Bend, Indiana, with the various animals that find their way to her. She is the author of Ink In My Veins: A Collection of Contemporary Pagan Poetry, Songs of Praise: Hymns to the Gods of Greece and the forth-coming Journey to Olympos: A Modern Spiritual Odyssey. She also runs her own online clothing store Otherworld Creations, specializing in fantasy and Pagan designs; mostly Greek Gods but a few Egyptian designs are on the way.]

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