Winter Solstice 2018

The Buried Moon by SR Mandel
The Divine Divorce by Jamie Ryder
A Fatal Encounter in the Snow by Ngo Binh Anh Khoa
From Odin’s Shoulders by Jared Bertholf
The Frosty Blues by Ndabenhle S. Mthembu
The Juggler in the Garden by Alexandra Seidel
Madame Krampus by KA Opperman
North: A Ragnarok by Tristan Beiter
Offering for Oizys by Bettina Thiessen
Reddened Ravens by Ashley Dioses
Skathi’s Spite by Deborah Davitt
Sunna Yule Chant by Erin Lale
To Chione by Lorraine Schein
Travelers’ Choral by Alexandra Seidel
Widow Winter by Hayley Arrington
Winter’s Grip by Scott Couturier

Nuclear Winter by Adrik Kemp
Shadow Rock by John Kojak
Wintered by Prue Duggan
Winter’s Well by Trace Kerr

Special Feature
Salt and Glass Part One: Train Ride on a Long Winter Night by Jennifer Lawrence

Queen of Helheim by Spiderwitch

Edward Butler, author of Essays in Hellenic Theology
KA Opperman, author of The Crimson Tome
Lorna Smithers, author of Gatherer of Souls

Elhaz Ablaze by Various [reviewed by Erin Lale]
Finding Baba Yaga by Jane Yolen [reviewed by Hayley Arrington]
Gatherer of Souls by Lorna Smithers [reviewed by TJ O’Hare]
Hadestown [reviewed by Kate Taylor]
Inanna: Lady of Largest Heart by Betty De Shong Meador [reviewed by Tahni J. Niktins]
The Lady Detective: Tales of the Djinn Book Six by Emma Holly [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Lilith: The First Eve by Dr. Siegmund Hurwitz [reviewed by Tahni J. Nikitins]
Moon Heart by Eilís Phillips [reviewed by TJ O’Hare]
Seven Ages of the Goddess edited by Trevor Greenfield [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
The StoryWorld Box: Create-a-Story Kit by John and Caitlin Matthews [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
The Unicorn and the Moon by Tomie dePaola [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]
Zekmet the Stone Carver: A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Mary Stolz and Deborah Nourse Latimore [reviewed by Rebecca Buchanan]