The Spiritual Feminist

spiritualTitle: The Spiritual Feminist
Publisher: Moon Books
Author: Amythyst Raine-Hatayama
Pages: 264 pp
Price: $24.95 / $10.49

From the first moment I read the title of the book, it intrigued me. The Spiritual Feminist -– two words that we are somehow forgetting in our hectic and overloaded lives.

Here, the author tries to reconnect us with our feminine side, through spirituality, through examination of Goddesses and all those archetypes that most of us, as women, live on a daily basis at some point in our lives.

What I most like about this piece that it is a personal journey. The author frequently reflects on personal and intimate moments of her life and you can feel all that authenticity through her writing. Nevertheless, she still instructs and guides the reader, how to personally invoke the spirit of each of the Goddesses she describes, and chose for one’s personal journey through this book. And this is how the book starts.

There are forty-five different Goddesses, each described briefly, but in-depth: her meaning, symbolism, and how to attract the spiritual force of each Goddess, according to one’s personal needs. What I like is that she doesn’t suffocate the reader with too much information, yet it’s informative enough to get one acquainted with the historical and cultural meaning of each Goddess.

In the next part she introduces affirmations -– it’s all about loving, accepting and celebrating our bodies, our spirits and lives. Affirmations are very powerful tool to work with, for gaining confidence and motivation. They help us get in touch with our true natures, examine our thinking patterns and find our lost womanhood. Only one drawback that I see here is that all affirmations should be in present tense -– not future tense. We live in the now. Future is much too elusive.

An overview of the woman/Goddess life through the seasons encourages us to find the Goddess within via poetically described rituals and energy work. There are also quite a few recipes to try from the author’s kitchen!

For the lovers of the tarot and astrology readings — these elements have been also included in the book. Mystically recognizing and reconnecting with the Feminine Divine through tarot and astrology can be an empowering way of reclaiming womanhood and the author gives readers the guidance and support to do that. I, as an astrologer, wouldn’t personally agree with some of the astrological descriptions given, but for each novice in this area of energy work is a good start.

All in all, this is a very good informative read -– a sort of catalogued review of the Goddesses, symbols, rituals, and their positions in different belief systems and cultures; every trait of every Goddess is thoroughly described according to their roles (warrior, mother, daughter, hunter) and how can we relate and invoke these beautiful strengths in each of us, Goddesses.

[Maja Todorovic PhD, is a scientist, writer and a passionate environmentalist. You can find more about her minimalist approach to life, coupled with love for astrology and Slavic paganism, in her poetry blog]

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