The Frosty Blues

World’s end has come around.
It’s December again.
Welcome to the world where 12 is 10.
Winter’s come to town.
Jack Frost’s put his guns on snooze.
Colder than ever but now He plays the Blues.
Plays them wild
Plays them smooth
On the longest night
Step out and hear those
frosty tunes.
With day’s so short
Be careful of this hero
He’s the trickster sort.
So, if You go outside
Peel Your ears and eyes
Yes, keep them wide
You may hear, or You may read
For that’s His sign.
By it You will know
Now travel steady to the lands of snow.

[Ndabenhle S. Mthembu is an English and IsiZulu writer and university student who was born and raised in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. S/he has had poetry published in Aerodrome and Barking Sycamores. His/her poetry has won prizes in the 2018 Avbob Poetry Competition. In addition, s/he has self-published many poems online, and is editing an avant-garde short story and poetry collection, depicting the miseries and joys of neurodiversity.]