The Fallen

With burning blades of tempest might,
Ancient Babylon fell from sight,
We brought ruin to wicked heart,
And scattered souls through ashen night.

With blood and tears we did engage,
Our maligned brother in a rage,
But he the strongest was struck down,
Banished now for the war he waged.

When Eden shed its autumn leaves,
Our maker gifted Adam, Eve,
I watched her dance in pale moonlight,
Lost in the magic she so weaved.

And I who soar the garden see,
Her fine hair like loam and honey,
Streaming sweetly in the fall wind,
Which whispers siren songs to me.

And to my brethren I must say,
My broken wings just fell away,
When her eyes kissed the dying Sun,
As twilight marked the end of day.

A lightning storm of blue and gray,
A sea of fire where titans lay,
When her eyes caught the fading Sun,
As night imposed the death of day.

For Gabby (Tempestas)

[Nick Carter, poet and fisherman, lives in Tucson, Arizona.]