The Elements

1. Charm
2. Tact
3. Timing
4. Wit
5. Faith

5 ounces of irresistible charm,
2 teaspoons of meticulous
tact, 4 tablespoons of impeccable
timing and 6 cups of ingenuous wit.

Mix with all your inner magic,
make sure you truly believe
anything you want is yours
anything that can be – is –

[Avalon Graves (Paola Torres) is a twenty-eight year old Miami native, who writes poetry for the open mind and reckless heart. Miss Graves was featured in Kram Magazine‘s first issue and has also been published by Sick Lit Press as well as in a future issue of Sagewoman Magazine. Avalon is a fan of matcha green tea, the mountain,s and watching a great film on rainy afternoons. You can usually find her in the garden or with an old record playing in the background, some good folk music as muse.]