A Song for Odin

To Lord Odin, tempestuous God of the Norsemen, I sing this song
Master of the Spear, Father of Victory
The Undefeated in Battle, Who strikes terror into the heart of His enemies
Awe fills my breast at the thought of You,
Coupled with more than a little fear
But a strange attraction fills me too,
An urge to share in the mystery that surrounds You
A irrepressible curiosity, a desire to know
What it is that You know
For You are not merely the Lord of Battle
But You abound with wisdom overflowing
An insatiable hunger drives You
A hunger for Knowledge drives the one called Greybeard
A hunger which drove Him
To hang Himself from the World Tree
For nine days
And nine nights
The Allfather endured unspeakable agony
To learn the secret of the Runes.
When He became Master of the Rune-Stones,
He became Master of the Ordeal as well.
For pain can be a help to the Warrior
A catalyst for transformation
Of the strongest kind.
And transformation is His realm, too
The changeable Father of the Gods
Is full of guile and tricks.
The Seeker, the Warrior, the Wanderer, the Lover.
Ah, Odin, God of Being,
It would take a lifetime to know You.

[Amanda Sioux Blake is the keeper of the Temple of Athena the Savior, Alexandrian Tradition, and the author of Ink In My Veins: A Collection of Contemporary Pagan Poetry and Songs of Praise: Hymns to the Gods of Greece. She is currently working on the forthcoming Journey to Olympos: A Modern Spiritual Odyssey. A self-labeled history geek, she has taught classes on Greek Mythology and has written the coursework for “Olympos in Egypt”, an introduction to the unique hybrid culture and spiritually that grew up in Alexandria, Egypt in the Hellenistic Age. If you are interested, email her at starsong_dragon@yahoo.com . She also runs an online T-shirt store specializing in Greek and Egyptian designs, as well as general Pagan and fantasy.]

1 thought on “A Song for Odin”

  1. richard bruce said:

    Great … please put on utube

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