This Desert In His Soul

Seth of the zenith sun
dressed in desert shadow
dark and wide as sin
your heart is made of strange shapes
stitched together
to beat as one
lover — murderer — deceiver
and lover yet again
of the golden Falcon Boy
so feather soft
in your hands that are so raw
with desert sun

Seth of the zenith sun
your headdress
worn and weathered
casting strange shadows on your face,
and your face beneath the shadows

dark and shifting, many forms
pressed into one single smile,
and your teeth behind these lips,
hidden sand grains in a desert,
dark & wide

[In elementary school, Alexandra Seidel had a wonderful teacher who introduced her to the twelve labors of Hercules. This was the first Greek myth Alexandra ever read, and more followed later during five years of Latin at school, all of which left a deep impression on her mind and sometimes on her writing. Alexandra’s prose and poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Star*LineLabyrinth Inhabitant MagazineNew Myths and others. Every once or twice, Alexandra blogs. She is never quite sure about what. Better go see for yourself.]

2 thoughts on “This Desert In His Soul”

  1. Thank you for this evocative rendering of Seth.

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