Solace in the Groves

Listen to the music
every time you walk
through the groves
the soft serene notes
wafting through the trees
calling you, calling me, calling everyone
back to another time
a simpler time
when us mundane humans
walked the woods
without motives
save that of appreciation
of all of the Dwellers

I am led back
to those times
by the reed symphony
that echoes the ripples
in my soul
they sync together
my embracing waltz
permanently etching
a new set of foot-stones upon
that sacred olden time

How does it feel
to dance between
the doorways?
Is it possible for those
who do not see nor hear
where the forest plays?
Would it surprise you
to know how easy
it is to open your senses?

Tell me if
you catch glimpses
of darling baby Pan
swinging in the tree
wishing Bright Blessings to all
paying tribute to another
turn of the Wheel

[Robyn Alezanders often dreams of dancing round the faerie circles in the moonlit rain. Her work can be found in Nemonymous 5, The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, Everyday Weirdness, and The Very Best of Bare Back Magazine.]