A Lusty Invocation to Pan

Pan, oh Pan, Horned God of Man
Lord of the hunt and forestland
Lead us where the wild wind blows,
The witches dance and the henbane grows
Lord of Summer we call Thy name
Appear to us in the sacred flame
Guide us in Thy secret rites
where Crossroads meet on a Moonless night

Pan, oh Pan, half goat half man,
we heed your call from a far off land
Before Thy grove, naked we stand
with lust in our hearts and phallus in hand
Wild beast, hoof and horn
Spread our buttocks to mirth and scorn
Spare us not your fiery lust
but release Thy seed in Thy final thrust

With insatiable lips and loins spread wide
We invite Thee Pan to come inside
Pan, Pan, oh Great God Pan
Lord of our hearts in this mystical land
Lead us to the meadow’s stream
Or abandon us in a lover’s dream
But come again as soon as Thou can
come again oh Great God Pan!

[Waning Moon is a Pagan Songwriter, Musician, Environmentalist and Occultist living in Richmond, Virginia. He’s polytheistic with a particular reverence for the Goddesses Aphrodite, Hecate and Gaia and the Horned God Pan. He’s also the founder of Coven of the Green Witch on facebook which emphasizes Nature based Magick and a devotion to Mother Earth. You can reach out to him on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/waning.moon.14]


1 thought on “A Lusty Invocation to Pan”

  1. I absolutely love this! I have to admit I died of laughter but not in a bad way! I would personally perform this invocation as it celebrates Pan’s virility & phallic stature. I’m just so shocked someone wrote it oh so very well!
    Thanks for this gem. Xx

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