The Aelius Spartianus series by Ben Pastor

The Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters

The Amerotke series by Paul Doherty

The Arcturus series by Kelli Stanley

The Aristotle Detective series by Margaret Ann Doody

The Athenian Murders by Jose Carlos Somoza

The Bast Mysteries by Rosemary Edghill

The Bewitching Mysteries series by Madelyn Alt

A Charmed Pie Shoppe Mystery series by Ellery Adams

The Chuckling Whatsit by Richard Sala

The Claudia series by Marilyn Todd

The Corinna Chapman series by Kerry Greenwood

The Detective Inspector Chen series by Liz Williams

The Dr. Siri Paiboun series by Colin Cotterill

The Egyptian Mystery series by Anton Gill

Erased From Memory by Diana O’Hehir

The Eye of Horus by Carol Thurston

Furies: An Ancient Alexandrian Thriller by DL Johnstone

Ghost of Granny Apples series by Sue Anne Jaffarian

The High Priestess Iliona series by Marilyn Todd

The Libertus Mystery of Roman Britain series by Rosemary Rowe

The Lord Meren Mysteries by Lynda S Robinson

The Marcus Didius Falco series by Lindsey Davis

Mummy Dearest by Joan Hess

Murder at the Panionic Games by Michael B Edwards

A Mystery of Ancient Egypt series by Lauren Haney

The Ophelia and Abby series by Shirley Damsgaard

The Plinius Secundus series by Bruce McBain

Rain on the Mountain by Elaine Corvidae

The Rowan Gant Investigations by MR Sellers

The SPQR series by John Maddox Roberts

The Tarot Card Mystery series by David Skibbins

A Tony Marcella Mystery series by Dana E Donovan

Transcendental Murders by Jane Langton

Witchcraft Mystery series by Juliet Blackwell

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