Khairete! Em Hotep! Salaam!

Welcome to the Winter Solstice 2014 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! In honor of the season, here is Nicholas Pouissan’s classic, “Helios and Phaeton with Saturn and the Four Seasons.”



In Poetry, Hillary Lyon turns to Greek mythology for inspiration, bringing us “Athena’s Owl” and “An Elegy for Echo.” Sally Nemesis celebrates the Goddess and Her lovers in “The Ballroom of Life,” while William Morrow sings of the might of “CROM!” Deborah Guzzi joins EHS with “The Crone of Michael’s Pond,” while SR Hardy laments the arrival of “Faith, Like a Plague.” Norse myth is the inspiration for JD deHart’s “For the Birds,” while Jeremy Gadd makes his EHS debut with “Helen.” Adele Gardner sings of her love for the sun in “Heliolatry,” while Sandi Liebowitz brings a new perspective to bear on “The Holly King.” Ann Sykora’s debut is a “Hymn to the Seasons,” while Heddy Johannesen brings us the ecstatic “Over a Blood Moon.” Steven Klepatar offers a three-part epic of love and loss with “Orpheus in Autumn,” “Eurydice Waits,” and “Orpheus in Winter.” John Grey’s “Plea to a God” likely falls on deaf ears, while Kelda Crich makes her EHS debut with two poems: the science fiction epic “These Days of the Dog” and the Norse-themed “Under Hunter’s Moon.”

In Fiction, M Buffrey makes his EHS debut with “Aqua Spiritus,” which centers around a threatened sacred lake. Christine Frost also makes her debut with the Mesopotamian-based “Dream of a Journey,” featuring the great Enheduanna. Juli D Revezzo sets her tale, “The Gift of the Stag Maiden,” in ancient days, while Nano Skald’s “The Legend of the Golden Cradle” crosses between the worlds of myth, legend, dream, and reality. Matthew Wilson’s “Rán” finds a young girl engaging in a battle of wits with a malicious sprite, while Jolene Dawe’s heartbreaking, heartwarming “A Song for a Goose” finds a modern woman fulfilling an age-old role.

In Essays, Erin Lale offers suggestions for this “Giving Season,” while also arguing that “Sacrifice Does Not Mean Deprivation.” Tahni J Nikitins makes an unexpected pilgrimage in “Why Sweden of All Places?; or Visiting the Temple at Uppsala.”

In Interviews, EHS editor Rebecca Buchanan sits down with Lady Spiderwitch (frequent contributor to Crone and Circle Magazine), while Jennifer Lawrence sits down with Lupa, author of numerous texts on therianthropy and totemism.

Finally, there are lots of goodies in Reviews! EHS editor Rebecca Buchanan delves into Annie Bellet’s fantasy short story Delivering Yaehala, the paranormal romance Frozen by Meljean Brook, the fantasy anthology Night Shift, and the short paranormal tale Written on Skin by Erzabet Bishop. Jennifer Lawrence looks into Engaging the Spirit World and Plant and Fungus Totems: Connect With Spirits of Field, Forest, and Garden, written and edited, respectively, by Lupa, as well as Morgan Daimler’s Pagan Portals: Fairy Witchcraft. Tahni J Nikitins digs into Fire Jewel: A Devotional for Freyja, edited by Gefion Vanirdottir, while Melia Brokaw offers her review of the live action film, Hercules. Rebecca Bailey looks at Ed McGaa’s classic Mother Earth Spirituality: Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World, while Jolene Dawe offers insight into Don Bredes’ Polly and the One and Only World, and Silence Maestas’ Walking the Heartroad: The Devotional Path of Spirit-Workers.

As always, enjoy!

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