Khairete! Salaam! Em Hotep!

Welcome to the Summer Solstice 2015 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer!

First up, congratulations to Shannon Connor Winward and Sarah Sadie. Their poems — “Atlas, Unhinged” and “Wayland’s Song” — tied for first place in our first ever reader poll. Yay! Each will have her choice of one of Jennifer Lawrence‘s excellent poetry collections or prose novels.

Which means that it is time for our second poll! Vote for your favorite poem, short story, or essay in the current issue. The winner (or winners) will have his/her/hir choice of any one of the devotional anthologies published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. (The poll closes on 1 September 2015.)

This issue finds a wide variety of pieces, ranging from epic poems to deeply personal essays to surrealist fiction, some from regular EHS contributors and some from new arrivals.

In Poetry, Joyce Frohn sings her “Blessings on My Kin,” while Lisa Curley sings a sacred circle into being in “Call to Me.” Matthew Woodman offers an homage to a great Roman poet with “Calling Thee to the Deep Woods (Pan to Selene, After Virgil).” Erica Ruppert examines the story of Arachne in “Cut in Marble” and the tragic tale of the Cretan queen in “Pasiphae.” Steven Klepetar celebrates one of the great dragons of Greek myth with “Delphyne,” while Reilly Blackwell brings the Greek Gods to the American south in “Hymn to the Rustic Theoi, Praise and Supplication from Southern Appalachia” and takes a different look at a famous myth with “Labyrinth (Theseus and Minos, or, Daddy Issues.” Janine Canan returns to EHS with the haunting “Lives.” Alura Rose turns to Celtic lore with “Morrigan,” while Cathy Bryant dreams of the Egyptian Heket in “Nile Nights.” Alexandra Seidel draws upon Greek mythology for her seasonal “Persephone Awakens,” while a rainbow of flowers populate that Goddess’ thoughts in Colleen Anderson’s “Persephone Dreams: Awakening.” Alicia Cole sings the song of a Norse shield-maiden in “Skjaldmey,” while SR Hardy brings his singular talents to the original epic poem “The Snake and the Kettle.” Finally, in his original, what if? poem, Matthew Wilson laments of mighty “Thor’s Regret.”

In Fiction, Seth Libby offers an out-of-time, magical realist tale about “Agamemnon,” while Hillary Lyon brings a misunderstood monster into the modern world in “Medusa of the Midway Diner.” Juli D Revezzo offers a mythical take on a real astronomical event in “Moon in the South,” while Jamie Brindle tells a heart-breaking tale of forgiveness and redemption in “Seasons.”

In Essays, Shauna Aura Knight offers a deeply personal piece in “Dedication to Aphrodite and Desire,” while Lady Spiderwitch examines one of the great Deities of the Celts in “The Morrigan: Crow Goddess of Death.” Shirl Sazynski shares her personal encounter with — and thoughts about — a Norse God in “Sparks and Acetylene: Weyland Smith.”

In Interviews, we sit down for a Fast Five with Sarah Sadie, author of Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes and co-editor of Cowfeather Press.

In Reviews, Caroline Morin delves into The Druid’s Primer by Luke Eastwood and Elen of the Ways by Elen Sentier, while Jennifer Lawrence examines The Heathen’s Practical Guide to Asatru by Patricia M Lafayllve. Erin Lale looks at Norse Magical and Healing Herbs: A Medical Book From Medieval Iceland translated by Ben Waggoner, while Jolene Dawe and Kurt Hohmann examine No Horns on These Helmets edited by Erin Lale. Chastity Heather King gives us her review of Poison Pen Letters to Myself by Romany Rivers, while EHS editor Rebecca Buchanan digs into The Hell You Say by Josh Lanyon and The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal by KJ Charles. Finally, TJ O’Hare and Cindy Rinne offer their thoughts on Wild Earth, Wild Soul: A Manual for an Ecstatic Culture by Bill Pfeiffer, while Maja Todorovic digs into The Spiritual Feminist by Amythyst Raine-Hatayama.

As always, email us if you have any question, comments, or concerns; leave your thoughts in the comments section; and enjoy the issue!



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