Khairete! Em Hotep! Salaam!

Welcome to the Autumn Equinox 2014 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! In honor of the season, a 1920s photograph of a harvest in the Romanian countryside.


In Poetry, Rebecca Bailey imagines what would happen if Goddesses met modern media in “Bastet and Kali and Kwan Yin on TV,” then sings an “Invocation of the Grandmother.” Steven Wittenberg Gordon, MD turns to Chinese mythology in “The Battle of Shuhyung and the Yellow Emperor,” while Adele Gardner offers the seasonally-appropriate “Black Cat Spare.” Portuguese mythology is the inspiration for Sara Cleto’s “Bruxa,” while Heddy Johannesen explores “The Cave of the Goddess.” Debut author Robyn Alezanders dances a “Circle Waltz,” and “Eurydice Sings” for Sandi Liebowitz, while WC Morrow calls upon the Deities of creation in “Genesis.” Greek mythology is the source of Tahni J Nikitins’ “Hekate Waiting,” while Northern lore inspires debut author Cindy Rinne’s “Lady of Holiness.” The “Minotaur” still lives in his labyrinth in Don Thompson’s poem (his first appearance in EHS), while SR Hardy imagines “My Own Hermopolis.” Marydale Stewart makes her EHS debut with “Notes of a Master” and the bittersweet poem, “The Trade,” as does Peter Coughlin in “Síol na Draoithe” or “Seed of the Druid.” Finally, Shauna Aura Knight is awestruck by “That Dance of Stars,” while Odin is “The Sleeping One-Eyed God” in Matthew Wilson’s poem.

In Fiction, Kurt Hohman makes his debut with the Greek-based “A Box of Hope,” while Tia Tormen makes her debut with the tragic and romantic, “A Fable of Enduring Love.” Gary Aker offers the surreal, deeply symbolic “Frog Woman Gives Birth Under an Ancient Tree,” while Erin Lale casts a modern eye on an old story in “Gertrude Bird: A Retold Folktale.” Finally, Chris Sarantopolous makes his EHS debut with the dark and disturbing “When Hades Felt.”

In Essays, Tahni J Nikitins concludes her retellings/re-examinations of Norse myth in “Bindings V: Hela: What Remains.” Shirl Sazynski returns to EHS with the inspired “Brisingamen: A Meditation on the Goddess Freyja,” while Erin Lale offers two essays: “Humans, Please Stop Misusing the Rainbow Bridge” and the timely “Tolerating Trollery Grows Rape Culture.”

In Interviews, we sit down with the accomplished poet Jennifer Lawrence, who just released her first collection, Listening For Their Voices.

In Reviews, Jolene Dawe looks at Aphrodite’s Tortoise: The Veiled Woman in Ancient Greece by Lloyd Lewellyn-Jones and The White Dress, The Autumn Leaves by Shauna Aura Knight. Bettina Theißen returns to EHS with her review of the new anthology Fifty Shades of Green, while Erin Lale looks at two books: Loki: Bound Between Ice and Fire by Bryan Wilton, and Power Before Wisdom Primer: Learning Magick the Dangerous Way by Scott Reimers. Finally, EHS editor Rebecca Buchanan looks at two children’s picture books — I Am a Witch’s Cat by Harriet Muncaster and Julia’s House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke; the fantasy anthology Of Dragons and Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds from Witty Bard Publishing; and two paranormal romance/urban fantasy novels — The Resurrectionist by Sierra Woods and Sigil Fire by Erzabet Bishop.

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Enjoy the issue, and Happy Autumn!

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