Welcome to the Summer Solstice 2021 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer! This issue’s theme is “the written word” and our contributors have taken a wide-ranging and imaginative approach to the topic. Some were literal (pun intended) in their interpretation, while others were more oblique and abstract. Is writing divinely-inspired or divinely-created? Is there truth in the written word? Capital T or lower-case t? Or myths and legends? What of lies and misinformation? How do we define ourselves and our beliefs and our history through our writing? All of these issues are addressed by the contributors to this issue.

In Poetry, for example, Scott Couturier looks to the poets of the past in “Beauty’s Deed,” while James Siegel sees the writing in nature in “Charming.” Lee Clark Zumpe addresses the muse in “Clio,” and RM Raines looks to Norse lore in “Fishing for Knowledge,” while Kate Meyer-Currey addresses the “Grimoire of the Witch-Poet.” Avra Margariti looks for the writing hidden in ruins and entrails in “I Sing the Language Electric” and Nancy Brewka-Clark addresses the use of the (mis)transmission of (false) information in “The Lamb of Tartary: A Petrarchan Sonnet Based on Scythian Myth.” Sara Cleto and Brittany Warman wonder at the gifts of a stellar poet in “The Language of the Stars,” and Math Jones wonders about the “Misnamed” in his Norse-derived poem. Kelly Jarvis looks to Egyptian lore in “The Mistress of the House of Books,” while Hayley Stone’s “Palimpsest” is a thing of “rapturous silence.” Chelsea Arrington wonders at her son’s growing love of words in “Sanngetall: A Modern Myth” and Elena Nola’s “Siren Song in a Bottle” is a “cosmology of metaphors.” In “Words Written in Earth” Deborah L Davitt examines the language we leave in the soil with our bodies and work, while Kim Malinowski offers up a prayer in “Writer’s Supplication.”

In Fiction, Gerri Leen brings us a tale of tragedy and survival in “Defying the Conquerers,” while Christopher Greiner’s archaeologist tries to decipher the “Lapis Vocare.” Daniel Stride turns to the abbeys of medieval Ireland in “Perilous Treasures” and Lorraine Schein’s magical protagonist makes use of “The Sigil” to achieve her goals, while Maxwell I. Gold’s lyrical “The Syntax of the Gods” addresses the divine origins of language.

Finally, we have four Reviews. Erin Lale digs into Edward WL Smith’s “The Echo of Odin,” while Christopher Greiner examines three separate Pagan Portals titles from Irisanya Moon. EHS editor Rebecca Buchanan offers her review of Celine Jeanjean’s “Touched by Magic” and Tahni Nikitins delves into Genevieve Gornichec’s “The Witch’s Heart.”

As always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, and enjoy!