Welcome to the Winter Solstice 2018 issue of Eternal Haunted Summer!

This issue marks a noted change from previous issues. To begin, this is the first to be centered around a single theme: The Dark Spirits of Winter. Second, this issue marks the debut of our new Special Feature, a story specially commissioned just for Eternal Haunted Summer.

The Dark Spirits of Winter. What comes to mind when you hear that phrase? Frost giants? Malevolent ice spirits? The sun at her height? Here, you will find Poetry, Fiction, and an Essay which explore the many different Gods, Goddesses, spirits, powers, and moods associated with the winter season. Some of these welcome the winter season; others dread it; some retell the myths of the Deities of winter; others (re)imagine these Deities or create entirely new powers.

Our first Special Feature comes courtesy of Jennifer Lawrence, a widely-published poet and short story author. Here, she offers the first part of her polytheist urban fantasy, “Salt and Glass.”

This issue also includes Interviews with three noted authors: Edward P. Butler, author, philosopher, and theologian; KA Opperman, poet of the weird and horrific; and Lorna Smithers, a Brythonic awenydd and blogger. 

Finally, the Reviews included in this issue cover everything from myth-based music to a myth-based play to books on Baba Yaga, chaos heathenry, Inanna, a magical mystery, story creation, and so much more!

As always, please post your comments, thoughts, concerns, and inspirations in the comment section. And enjoy the issue!